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I began my law practice, Mary Carole Cooney, more than 34 years ago with a firm belief that I could ably represent individual citizens against powerful interests, government and business, that had an inordinate impact of their lives. Today I continue to fight for justice, and am proud of my record of success, protecting individual freedom and private property rights. I am available to help new clients on all matters related to:

Your advocate to “Fight City Hall”!

Every day citizens become frustrated and disillusioned when their local and state representatives turn a deaf ear to their concerns. The old adage, “You can’t fight City Hall!” seems to ring true. The deeper truth is that something can be done, and aggrieved citizens have a duty to make their voices heard, or the rights we profess to enjoy will one day be hopelessly eroded. My law practice is dedicated to being the citizen’s voice. I am here to ensure that you will be heard and respected by those who owe their positions of power to the people’s consent. If you have an issue with local or state government, and you need an advocate to make your case a cause, Mary Carole Cooney is the attorney to call.

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